The PartGroup was established in 2005. Less than twenty years on the market has allowed us to gain extensive experience in the field of products and services related to advertising. We create a community of contractors cooperating with us. This allows you to quickly meet the customer's expectations and create a unique solution for him. We approach each individual individually, taking into account the variety of concepts and possibilities of looking at a given project through the prism of our own vision. Our goal towards the client is, above all, the performance of a service at a high technical level and comprehensive implementation of the entrusted tasks.

We work with companies from all over Poland, we also provide our services abroad, incl. in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Germany.

The scope of our activity includes:

  • creating identification materials, i.e. logos, business cards, and many more
  • design and printing of advertising and promotional materials, such as: leaflets, posters, letterhead papers, printed envelopes (company, decorative), binders, etc.
  • creating outdoor advertisements: boards, coffers, spatial letters, neon lights, banners, flags, car wrapping
  • creating packaging and labels for food and industrial products
  • web design
  • Websites
  • Company catalogue


Our activities cover a wide range of creating new solutions of importance for society and the natural environment, also in the Internet services sector.

The main purpose of creating the application was to facilitate and improve navigation in the field of searching companies and services on the Internet. The innovation of our solution is to match search results according to the distance to the user.

Thanks to this, we avoid the imposed search results suggested by positioning on the Internet, where the indicated companies are often located much further than those that are actually located close to the user.

Thanks to this, our users save time and costs of reaching the searched place, which currently significantly reduces exhaust emissions.

In our opinion, it is also the cheapest offer dedicated to companies, which makes it easier to edit them, locate and position their portfolio on the Internet. – Currently under reconstruction

Download the application


A good website is not only a showcase of the company, but also a source of potential customers. Our agency will ensure that our client and his company have a transparent, professional website that brings profits.

Our company deals with the creation, administration and maintenance of websites.
Each of our projects is characterized by an individual approach, which keeps its originality. We combine the latest trends and technologies in them, while striving for transparency of the content.

Our offer includes:

Own website hosting. Help in choosing and buying a domain. Connecting the website with Facebook, Instagram or other social media. Technical support (adding new subpages, editing a finished website).

We create dynamic pages based on the CMS (content management system) type: Joomla, WordPress and many others, as well as static HTML / CSS pages, landing pages and online stores.

We try to prepare all our websites in terms of optimization, SEO positioning and, most importantly, our websites are responsive (RWD).



Our next product is the Business Directoryearch where we create a client's ad with a dedicated subdomain that is positioned on the Internet
(example: It is important to emphasize the fact that our ads reached almost 1.5 million users in 2019 alone. "They say about us" ... the cheapest advertisement on the market "


  • Printing
  • Gadgets
  • Calendars and notebooks
  • Graphics on vehicles
  • Great Format
  • 3D


"How they see you, that's how they perceive you". An average cardboard box with a company logo, name, surname, etc. It is ONLY, or A business card. To stand out from the rest, you need to start with small details and be unique. This is what you can achieve when you let us take on your project. A young and dynamic team of PartGroup will advise you on how to do it. Everything you need to promote your products / services can be made with us in any quantity and, importantly, in very good quality.

GADGETS and branding

Advertising gadgets play a very important role in building the company's image. They are unconventional, practical, and most of all - they stay in your memory. They make the relationships built with their help more durable, and make our company positively associated.
Our offer includes tens of thousands of different gadgets, from pens to flash drives, car fragrances to electronic equipment, office equipment and many unusual products. Our consultants will propose and design the best solution to your needs - WELCOME.

Calendars and notebooks

Effective advertising all year round? Yes, it is possible thanks to printed calendars that you order from our company. Thanks to them, your advertisement, company logo or original graphics will be in a visible place 365 days a year. We will print an advertising calendar for you according to your individual design or we will propose ready-made solutions.

What calendar will be the best advertisement? The choice is really big, it depends on the application and function
 and method of use. The calendar can be both a corporate gadget, a great gift, and a professional office equipment.


Graphics on vehicles

Wrapping cars is a very popular way to advertise your company and change the look of your car. Such mobile advertising reaches hundreds of potential customers every day, contributing to an increase in sales. In addition, graphics on vehicles today resemble a kind of art, making the car unique and one of a kind.

Large format printout

If you run a stationary business, have a store, service facility, office, this place is worth somehow distinguishing. How else will potential customers find out that the building is where your company is located? How will they know that there is, for example, an accounting office, a beauty studio, a tax consulting company? Your business shouldn't be invisible. Promote it on signs, posters, information boards, window sites and the most popular advertising banners - distinguish your company, show customers where you are and what you do.

  • Friezes / advertising signs (placed outside and inside)
  • Information plates (e.g. on the door)
  • Self-adhesive films (covering and transparent)
  • OWV films (for wrapping windows, sites, transmitting light)
  • Advertising banners
  • Illuminated panels



So real you would like to touch. This is how you can describe one of the most popular areas of graphics, 3D graphics. The name itself comes from the English words of the Three-Dimensional Graphics and intuitively tells us that we are dealing with three dimensions. In our designs, we also take into account the reflections, colors, dispersion, refraction and texture of objects that allow us to design, for example, an office, apartment, or character. It allows us to present the above-mentioned things from every perspective. "

We are also supporters of modern visual solutions that contribute to the presentation and transmission of marketing content. The image is what we register, what we remember, what we remember. This innovative solution of today's technology contributes to the creation of a high-quality 3D hologram. Create a project, place it on the projection unit via the app and manage your phone. In three steps you can introduce your project into a different dimension.


In addition, we have extensive experience in the advertising clothing department. We carried out orders for individual projects, such as: development and production of aprons for one of the largest breweries on our market, execution of orders for various types of fleece, company jackets, t-shirts, winter clothing and personalized orders with dedicated graphics.

Our Advertising Agency has the right tools to build a solid path for the client. We bring your idea to life or create a completely new visual identity for your brand. We take care of every aspect of the advertising campaign, from website design to positioning and content marketing. We will be responsible for everything related to advertising in your company, so that YOU can focus on the essence of your business. "We are here to emphasize the quality of your brand or the brand of your quality." PG

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