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PartGroup Piotr Gertych has been on the market since 2005.
We operate in the marketing and sales sector. We deal with the optimization of customer expectations in every possible aspect of our operation. We search for individual solutions based on the industry and market in which a given company operates. Professionalism and punctuality are the features that distinguish us.

Our team includes people with great potential and passion. The unprecedented commitment of the owner of the company and the reliability of employees allowed in 2012 to expand the scope of sales activities. After many years of hard, but fruitful work, the innovative iBlockFire product was created. It is a fire extinguishing spray with high extinguishing and preventive performance, which maintains 100% biodegradability. It is not only safe and harmless to the environment, but also skin and human friendly. All activities that we perform as part of the sale and promotion of this product, we do with incredible commitment, because the most important for us is people.

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The iBlockFIRE extinguishing spray is a universal extinguishing device designed to nip fire in the bud. The only spray of this type in the world that is biodegradable and environmentally friendly at 100%. The reusable device is intended for use in any place where there is a risk of fire. Effectively extinguishes, among others wood, paper, gasoline, oil, plastics. The gel foam contained in iBlockFire perfectly adheres to the extinguished surfaces, cutting off the access of oxygen.

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At this point, it is worth mentioning another product that we are producing, i.e. iCleanTECH XXL compressed gas. Indispensable in situations where effectiveness and precision of action count. It is completely safe and environmentally friendly.

Since 2005 work, we have created many significant projects. One of them is merchandising for a brewing group. For over 3 years we have been promoting the brand, collecting orders and transferring them for implementation. Our employees operated in accordance with the standards of the brewery, working on PDA devices. They have often built new retail routes, on average our sales employees carried out about 8,000 visits per month.

As far as the brewing topic is concerned, our next success is creating from scratch a visualization of the beer brand "Bieszczadzkie"
along with all advertising facilities (labels, posters, displays, etc.). In the same year, "Bieszczadzkie" received a gold medal for its visualization. We also worked on the image of Pilsweiser beer, creating a new canned beer project of this brand.

From 2014 our company started cooperation in the sector of distribution and resale of brewery refrigeration equipment. Our offer includes, among others, gastronomic coolers, cooling cabinets, and gastronomic refrigerators.

All activities that we conduct in our company are always carried out reliably and scrupulously. This translates into the awards we have obtained. We are very proud of the fact that we received the title of "PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2016" at the 21st BUSINESS GALA "Granite Tulipan".
Another honorable title that we can boast of is the "Laurel of Innovation" Award of the Supreme Technical Organization.

From 2018, with the consent of the Mayor of Radom
we can use the logo promoting our city - Radom Siła W Precyzja.

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In 2019, by diversifying its activities, the company invested its potential in the mobile technology department, creating new solutions for Poles in this sector. In order to meet the expectations of our compatriots, we create 2 new brands in this section: Katalog Firmearchearchwpoblizu.pl and the mobile application Find a Company.

Our activities cover a wide range of creating new solutions of importance for society and the natural environment, also in the Internet services sector.

The main purpose of creating the application was to facilitate and improve navigation in the field of searching companies and services on the Internet. The innovation of our solution is based on matching search results according to the distance to the user.

Thanks to this, we avoid the imposed search results suggested by positioning on the Internet, where the indicated companies are often located much further than those that are actually located close to the user.

Thanks to this, our users save time and costs of reaching the searched place, which currently significantly reduces exhaust emissions.

In our opinion, it is also the cheapest offer dedicated to companies, which makes it easier to edit, locate and position its portfolio on the Internet.

We are a team that meets the customer's needs, which is appreciated by buyers of our services. We make every effort to ensure that our current and potential recipients are satisfied with each stage of our activities.