Our team consists of people with great potential and passion. The unprecedented commitment of the owner of the company and the reliability of employees constantly allow us to expand the scope of sales activities. The need to create something easily accessible to everyone that will protect human life was a priority for us. After many years of hard, but fruitful work, the innovative iBlockFIRE product was created, which is our core product. It is a fire extinguishing spray with high extinguishing and preventive performance, which maintains 100% biodegradability. It is not only safe and harmless to the environment, but also skin and human friendly.

It initiated the ever-evolving series of biodegradable iSprayLIFE products, designed for humans with the Earth in mind.

All activities that we perform as part of sales and promotion, we do with incredible
commitment, because people are the most important for us.

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The iBlockFIRE extinguishing spray is a universal extinguishing device designed to nip fire in the bud. The only spray of this type in the world that is biodegradable and environmentally friendly at 100%. The reusable device is intended for use in any place where there is a risk of fire. Effectively extinguishes, among others wood, paper, gasoline, oil, plastics. The gel foam contained in iBlockFire perfectly adheres to the extinguished surfaces, cutting off the access of oxygen.

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At this point, it is worth mentioning another product that we are producing, i.e. iCleanTECH XXL compressed gas. Indispensable in situations where effectiveness and precision of action count. It is completely safe and environmentally friendly.

"We create for people
with the Earth in mind "PG