PartGroup has been in contact with the brewing sector since 2006

At that time, the owner of the company - Piotr Gertych, started working in the structures of a distribution company and then a brewery, managing departments such as: modern retail, traditional retail and HoReCa. At that time, he made a very large contribution to the introduction of local beers to national markets.

Apart from advertising campaigns, Piotr Gertych and his company PartGroup also dealt with design
and label production, merchandising, market analysis, conducting marketing research campaigns including telexquesters,
as well as the sale of furniture - bar equipment.

PartGroup has also designed multiple labels and a whole range of marketing tools for several regional breweries and water producers.

Since 2014

PartGroup also sells refrigerators and refrigerated cabinets (commercial fixed assets).
During this period, cooperation was established with many recipients - both domestic and foreign.
This experienced exporter sells goods to many markets - both European and those from other continents.



PartGroup also supports and cooperates with artists

Piotr Gertych

The owner of PartGroup is interested in art. Privately, I deal with all kinds of creation, from painting, playing instruments, arranging gardens and apartments, to creating a brand of products. Painting pictures gives him "a break from the daily rush of activities". The owner's private hobby harmonizes with the support and promotion of young artists by PartGroup. The creative sensitivity of Piotr Gertych helps in understanding and engaging in advertising other, incredibly talented people.


The artist is a man who, in the era of commercialism and rapid changes in the labor market, trends, lifestyle and the pursuit of money, was forced to find a place and an alternative to his own creativity. His work is a reflection of the difficult experiences and decisions of the young generation looking for an opportunity to adapt to the modern lifestyle.

More author's works:


In the restaurant in Radom there was a reading of the play "Naked and Dead".
It was an innovative promotion of the latest book by Grzegorz Bartos, where the actors were artists from Radom and art lovers. The patronage over reading the play was taken by PartGroup. "Naked and Dead" is a controversial story about Polish emigrants in the Dutch Dordrecht, described by critics as one of the most important contemporary dramas in recent years. The play was nominated for the final of the 3rd Gdynia Drama Award.

In 2011, the Polish Radio Theater on its basis produced a radio play with a select cast, the premiere of which took place on the air of the Polish Radio Three.



From the first years of its operation, PartGroup conducted extensive promotional campaigns with the participation of Hostesses and in the field of merchandising activities. These activities included the cooperation of many top Polish and foreign companies and campaigns. Due to the seasonality of the campaign, our collaborators were mainly female students. Over the years, a group of ambitious girls emerged who had higher expectations, mainly in the aspect of modeling. This resulted in the automatic implementation and development of this sector of our activity. We started to carry out various photo sessions in order to select new candidates, new faces and personalities. 

As an example, we present a few photos of our Models during the session in the thematic bar "Nasza Szkapa" in Radom. 



One of the sessions worth emphasizing is the then young, teenage session Roksany Oraniec. This extraordinary beauty model, posing for a session organized by PartGroup in 2014 She probably did not realize that modeling would consume her next years of life.
Three years later, Roksana became, among others, the first Wicemiss SuperTalent of the World in 2017, she was included in the top ten most beautiful women in the elections Miss Poland 2018 and won third place in the competition Miss Landscapes International 2019.
It is worth mentioning that the session organized by PartGroup was first professional photo session, which was later organized as Runner-Up. This session was organized in and with the cooperation of one of the hotels in Radom.


Blacks radom

PartGroup participated in the process of establishing the association Black Radom and signed a sponsorship agreement as the fourth company in Radom. During the implementation activities of the project, PartGroup was responsible for the marketing and graphic aspect. The first and most important challenge for the Association was the interest of the business sector (local entrepreneurs) and local authorities to support and participate in this initiative. Organizing was the key to the whole event the first meetings Black Radom Association, which took place at the Gombrowicz Museum in Wsola in 2011, the PartGroup company was responsible for the organization and service. It is very satisfying that this project has been functioning until today and, largely thanks to it, WKS Czarni Radom has been in the league for several years.


PartGroup company takes actions not only in the broadly understood commercial business, but also in business initiatives aimed at promoting sport and building relationships between companies. An example is participation in an inter-company league Let's Movewhich affiliated many well-known Radom companies. For many years of implementation, it has earned 4 championship titles under the PartGroup banner, ranking 1st in the general classification, and the PartGroup captain, Rafał Stępień, was a multiple winner of the statuette "King of Riflemen". It is also worth mentioning that the company participated in several editions as a sponsor of the "LM" league.
All the company's activities have always correlated with the so-called building awareness, and in this case promoting the idea that "Sport is Health".


“We are here to emphasize the quality of your brand
or your quality brand " PG


Copywriting is not the most extensive sector or cooperation sector that is worth emphasizing. The first activities involving the creation of texts, slogans and advertising concerned the so-called own yard. PartGroup advertised itself from the first years of its activity with its own texts, slogans and slogans, such as e.g. "We are here to emphasize the quality of your brand or the brand of your quality". In the following years, new type slogans were created "We create from scratch", "Comprehensive advertising service for companies" and many others.
Another project worth emphasizing is the elaborated and implemented PG campaign with the participation of the famous Polish actor Michał Milowicz. The campaign concerned the promotion of 4 sectors of activity such as: Promotion, Advertising, Packaging, Merchandising, the first letters of which formed the phrase PROM - this phrase was the main theme in the slogan "PROMOTE WITH US".

In this campaign, the head of the company, Mr. Piotr Gertych, being a long-time fan of Mr. Michał, wanted to combine the message of the campaign's content with the iconic scene of the Actor in the equally cult comedy from 1999. We encourage you to listen to the clip attached below.
The result of this campaign was cooperation with Jarmex, where PartGroup dealt with comprehensive advertising service, ranging from printing, through the creation and maintenance of websites, to copywriting. Jarmex is a company that operates in 2 different sectors - the first is the production of system and individual fencing, and the second is transport and forwarding. As a result of our activities, a slogan was created promoting the company on all kinds of media "We fence what you want, we deliver wherever you want".

Further activities in this sector are the result of the company's growing position throughout the country. A confirmation is the challenge of creating a slogan promoting the opening of the 112 emergency call center. In this case, it was important to emphasize the 24/7 availability of the helpline and the 112 emergency number. As a result of this challenge, GUT came up with the following slogan "Day or night 112 help" and graphically "Day or night 112 = HELP". It is also worth mentioning that PartGroup has the rights to these slogans.

The last years of activity are new challenges and diversification of PartGroup. It is worth mentioning here the product created, "created from scratch" (according to the slogan from the first years of GUT) iBlockFIRE presented in more detail in the PRODUCTION tab. Also in this project, PG can boast of individual slogans and slogans promoting this unique product, here are a few of them: "EVERY BIG FIRE HAS A SMALL BEGINNING", "PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES", "PROTECT YOUR HOME"or also "iBlockFIRE INNOVATION BY W COMBAT FIRE ". Following the blow, the last of the industries in which PG invests and promotes is PROMOTION AND ADVERTISING ON THE INTERNET, where since 2018 implementation activities of the Mobile Application for iOS and Android called "find a "- described in more detail in the ADVERTISING tab and further ADVERTISING ON THE INTERNET and the Business Directory called"search "described in the same tab. In this case, we are also not passive in the creation and as a result, the slogan and slogan were created ... one of them created by the co-creator of these tools, Mr. Piotr Gertych "IF NO ONE Heard ABOUT YOU ... AND YOU ARE NEEDED, THE CATALOG search around IT IS JUST FOR YOU " and analogously "... APP"Find a company " IT IS JUST FOR YOU ".

Overall, PartGroup has created many slogans and texts, as well as projects from the brewing industry and water producers, described in more detail in the section COOPERATION, in the brewing sector. We would like to emphasize one for each of these industries: 1 is the brewing industry slogan and graphic design "Bieszczadzkie" beers appreciated with the Gold Medal at Chmielaki in Krasnystaw in 2007 - the slogan, which in its simplicity emphasized everything important for this brand "Bieszczadzkie ... hidden in a bottle", 2 is the producer of Aqua East water from the producer of the Aqua Baby brand, where our slogan has been used for many years as the main advertising slogan of the producer "Water - pure by nature!"

An interesting example of our copywriting is the description and creation of all the master's works Mariusz Kumor posted on the site created by the artist's manager Piotr Gertych.


We invite you to cooperation