Laurel of innovation - November 23, 2016

The Laurel of Innovation, the Stanisław Staszic statuette is a unique distinction for everyone who has received such a statuette. According to many people and organizations, it is one of the most prestigious awards granted in our country. PartGroup received the Bronze Laurel of Innovation for the 600 ml iBlockFIRE Fire Extinguishing Spray project. We were nominated in the "Construction and Fire Service" category, what was our surprise when we were the first to receive a statuette for our product from the fire industry and, apart from us, from the construction industry, Mostostal. Among nearly 150 projects, companies and institutions such as KGHM, WAT, WAM, AGH and many other great and exceptional companies, backed by extraordinary and enterprising people, competed. Three statuettes were awarded from each category, and a total of around twenty statuettes and certificates were awarded. All the more, it is a great ennoblement and distinction for us.

Other entries

iBlockFIRE Fire Extinguishing Spray - 01.2018

As a producer of iBlockFIRE, we realize how important AWARENESS is in the field of fire safety.

Zamość - November 28, 2019

During the Training and Coordination Briefing in the field of technical maintenance of real estate, municipal and energy management as well as environmental protection in Zamość, we had the pleasure and privilege to conduct and present our iBlockFIRE Fire Fighting Spray.

PartGroup - Long-term Partner of the "Stop Accidents" Campaign

In 2020, 25 years have passed since the "STOP ACCIDENTS" campaign to increase awareness of road safety ...

PartGroup integration trip - 02/29/02/2020

Integration trip - this slogan is usually associated with the title of the film and the adventures of people who went on this trip - by no means! In our case, it is an opportunity to highlight the activities of the past year in a different way than usual.