UNIQPOL World Class Offer award for iBlockFIRE - March 1, 2020.

This award is not only a statuette, but also certification of our product with world-class quality. It is a symbol of appreciation for our company's efforts to promote the iBlockFIRE, the world's only fully biodegradable fire extinguishing device, distinguished by its high quality. The jury awards only companies and products from Poland that have the potential of international expansion. In our case, this is a very important iBlockFIRE distinction confirming the interest in cooperation of many countries on almost all continents. Thank you for the Certificate and the Statuette.

Other entries

Safe for the skin - June 25, 2020

We are pleased to announce that our iBlockFIRE product has received another award for its uniqueness!

iBlockFIRE certified by CNBOP-PIB with the PN-EN 3-7 standard - 06/11/2019.

After many months of the certification process, we are pleased to inform you that at the beginning of November 2019, iBlockFIRE was admitted to the PN-EN 3-7 standard by CNBOP-PIB, which is the superior unit certifying firefighting equipment in Poland.

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Nomination - 07.2019

We are pleased to announce that PartGroup has been nominated for the award of the "Highest Quality International 2019" program.