Automechanika Dubai - 10 to June 12, 2019

During the Dubai Motor Show, iBlockFIRE aroused great interest. Arab markets are a very important direction of cooperation and distribution for us. During each day of the fair, our stand was almost crowded, and although the fair lasted until We worked until 7 pm. We are proud that our product attracts so much attention and that it contributes to the improvement of safety all over the world.

Other entries

Interview on Radio Radom - March 9, 2020

We encourage you to listen to an interview with the owner of PartGroup on fire hazards and the innovation of the iBlockFIRE product.

Participation in the MSPO Kielce fair - 04 to 07/09/2018.

On 04-07/09/2018 we participated in the International Defense Industry Exhibition, which took place in Kielce.

15th anniversary of PartGroup - 15/10/2020

We encourage you to watch the short material from the PartGroup celebration.

Meritorious for Intelligent Development - August 26, 2020

August 26, 2020 Mr. Piotr Gertych, President of PartGroup, creator of the iBlockFIRE brand, after several years of building ...