European Forum of the Highest Quality Katowice - November 26, 2019

The Highest Quality International is a nationwide project aimed at promoting effective quality management methods in companies and institutions. The second goal is to identify and distinguish those companies and institutions that represent the highest standards, guaranteeing customers and consumers a product or service at the highest level.

The precision not only in extinguishing but also in creating our product has been appreciated by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. IBlockFIRE Fire Extinguishing Spray was awarded with the Emblem of the Highest Quality International. After the awards ceremony, we took part in a very interesting conversation during a panel discussion.

Other entries

UNIQPOL World Class Offer award for iBlockFIRE - March 1, 2020.

This award is not only a statuette, but also certification of our product with world-class quality.

Interview on Radio Radom - March 9, 2020

We encourage you to listen to an interview with the owner of PartGroup on fire hazards and the innovation of the iBlockFIRE product.

Automechanika Birmingham - 04 to 06/06/2019

Our team presented iBlockFIRE to the world at the Birmingham Motor Show.

Nomination - 01/02/2019

We are pleased to announce that iBlockFIRE has been nominated for the title of the Polish Innovation Award 2019 in the category: Innovation for Life.