10th anniversary of the PartGroup company - November 18, 2016

On November 18, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our company. On the occasion of the jubilee, we organized an event where we had fun with the company friends, partners, associates and employees. Especially for the occasion, we have designed invitations (shown below) with a quote from Thomas A. Edison, "IF THERE IS A WAY TO DO SOMETHING BETTER, ... I WILL FIND IT." During the gala dinner, all participants were given commemorative and functional gifts. There were moments of emotion, fun at the table, but also fun on the dance floor. 
As a curiosity, we can mention that the date and month of the jubilee are symbolic, because the circumstances did not allow us to organize this event in the right time, but as they say, "better late than never".

Other entries

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Honorable mention for iBlockFIRE in the Expert Laurel competition - 19/12/2019.

The end of the year and such a surprise. This is the last award this year for our company and our activities.

Nomination - 07.2019

We are pleased to announce that PartGroup has been nominated for the award of the "Highest Quality International 2019" program.