PartGroup integration trip - 02/29/02/2020

Integration trip - this slogan is usually associated with the title of the film and the adventures of people who went on this trip - by no means! In our case, it is an occasion to highlight the activities of the past year in a different way than usual. It is also an award and distinction for all those who believe in our mission, support us in our actions and are so humanly kind to us. This year, we chose the mountains as the place of our integration, and more specifically the vicinity of Węgierska Górka. When it was proposed to associate this excursion with an extreme trip in the lanes, we had mixed feelings (injuries, wolves, bears etc…). The reality turned out to be quite different. Breathtaking views, cooperation between the participants of the expedition and the amazing emotions accompanying it confirmed that it was the so-called shot in the proverbial 10. Interesting and worth mentioning is the fact that we rubbed against the above-mentioned wolf several times, and although we did not see it directly, we found its tracks several times, attached below in the pictures. Asking the participants of this integration trip individually, apart from the aforementioned attractions, each of us would describe many interesting circumstances or attractions that they used, e.g. SPA, time spent with a pool table, other games or enjoying a moment with a good drink. One thing is for sure, this is not the last integration trip for our company!

Other entries

IFRE-EXPO, Kielce - 08 to 10 June 2017

We took part in the International Trade Fair of Fire Brigades and Rescue Services in Kielce.

UNIQPOL World Class Offer award for iBlockFIRE - March 1, 2020.

This award is not only a statuette, but also certification of our product with world-class quality.

Honorable mention for iBlockFIRE in the Expert Laurel competition - 19/12/2019.

The end of the year and such a surprise. This is the last award this year for our company and our activities.

Rally of motorcyclists - 2017

iBlockFIRE at the 20th Jubilee Motorcycle Rally - Topornia 2017.